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What is art

Art is a very unique yet personal form of communication. Leo Tolstoy, very prudently, described art as an indirect means of communication between two people.

One can predominantly say that an art is a human activity creating visual, auditory and performing artifacts. Based on one’s perception, anything and everything can be conceived as a form of art.

The oldest and most popular form of art is the visual art. Paintings, sculptures, photography and everything remotely related to visual images can be referred to as visual art. Decorative art is another form of art, which involves music, theater, dance, film and other performing art forms.

Art has a lasting impression in our lives and plays a key role in enriching our mind. Art gives us the opportunity to express our creative instincts. It is an act of expressing thoughts, feelings, and observations, through the material that facilitates one's thought processes.

Art touches people in ways that words and actions cannot and it has the ability to give rise to different feelings in different people depending on their perception.

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