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Return & Cancellation Policy

Full refunds will be provided in case any wrong or damaged items have been sent. Cancellations can be requested by either calling us on +91-9167733075 or by sending an email to For prepaid orders, approximately 2 to 5 days after the painting is received at the warehouse, we will refund the entire sum of money to the same account or credit card which was initially used for placing the purchase.

Privacy Policy

We know that privacy is important to every customer of Artnaudas, and that is why we have created this privacy policy so that any user can know what information is stored in our database and how we intend to use it. You are accepting our privacy policy by using this website. Information collected in our server is listed below -

1. Full name of user 2. Contact number 3. Email Address used to log in 4. Shipping and Billing Addresses Of User 5. Purchased Items along with their details 6. IP address of the computer used to make the purchase 7. Name and Tracking Code of Courier partner

This information is to assist in making your deliveries safer and faster and also help you in any support needed after the purchase. IP addresses are stored to detect any fake orders placed. You can also choose to receive our newsletter where various offers on products will be sent to your registered email from time to time. This information is not sent to any 3rd party.

Your Banking account number, password, expiry date, CVV, Credit/Debit Card number or any other details regarding your payment method is NEVER collected or stored on our servers.

IP Address and Cookies

Information such as your ISP, your IP address, your browser and operating system, URL visited prior to visiting our site etc. is collected. However, this information can be considered to be “non-personal”, since it isn’t unique to you and can never be used to detect you. This information is extremely important to solve various bugs in our system and maintain our server and website. This information is also vital to understanding the kind of audience and traffic our website receives. This information can help us in understanding your preferences and help design our site in a better way for our users. 3rd part tools might be used to assist in this process.

Just like any other e-commerce web site, “cookies” are also used. Any browser stores some information regarding websites you visit in your computer, which are known as cookies. No personal information is store, instead information such as the items you purchased or last visited is stored which gives us the capability to provide you with a better user experience, specifically tailored according to your needs. You can disable cookies in your browser if you want to; you will find more information regarding this topic in the help option of your browser. You can also choose the option of being notified if a website wants to save a cookie, so that you can accept them individually. Cookies can also be deleted, such as Flash cookies by using browser add-ons or changing the settings for that particular website.

We do not, however, recommend you to disable them, since cookies provide you with several advantages which won’t be available if disabled. In fact, disabling cookies will prevent you from making any purchase or even logging in. For most browsers, the default option is to accept cookies automatically.

Protecting your information Any data store in our database is encrypted via extremely secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. We adhere to accepted industry standards to keep the data in our servers protected and safe from any unauthorized access. This is not only followed during transmission, but also when the data is stored in the database. Please note that no technology is completely secure, so we won’t be held responsible in case any data is disclosed which may be caused by security flaws, bugs in data transfer, or any unauthorized access by third party apps. Data transmission during payment is also encrypted via SSL, and no information whatsoever regarding credit/debit card or bank accounts is store in our servers. Our payment system depends on reputed third party systems

Children's Privacy

All of our services are specifically intended for adults (anyone whose age is 18 or more). If we are aware that any user is below the age of 18, we will not collect or use any personal information provided by that person and will even remove any information from our database regarding that user.

Updating your personal information

You can send an email to, in case you need to remove, or update any existing personal information.

Changes to privacy policy In case any changes are made to our privacy policy, the new policy can be viewed on our website, which will be posted as soon as the final changes are made. All users, including our past users, will be bounded by the new policy, instead of the earlier one. You can call us on +91-9167733075 or send an email to in case you have any doubt or question about the changes in the policy.

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