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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Artnaudas!


As the name suggests, art (8), nau (9), das (10) is the way we pronounce 8-9-10 in India, which signifies the range or variety in art and culture.


We are a group of passionate individuals aiming to showcase and promote ethnic Indian art forms across the globe with pride and elegance. We believe that art is one language that is understood by all and also a strong medium that brings people from different backgrounds and cultures closer together.


Based on a strong e-commerce platform, Artnaudas aims to provide an easy and convenient global melting point for both art collectors and artists. Customisation is our forte, wherein we understand the needs of our customers and provide them with what they’re looking for. Artnaudas strongly believes in maintaining a blog to bring to our readers the latest art news and updates in the world of art.


Our unique platform not only helps artists monetize their art and craft and get due recognition, but also opens the market for art connoisseurs to choose from a huge library of quality artwork.


We showcase an unmatched selection of authentic and exclusive paintings, photography, prints & more, 8910 Bespoke in a wide range of prices.


At Artnaudas, we redefine the online art market and continuously expand our collections with new and exciting artworks & talents, adding breadth to our customers’ choices.



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